"Deer are assholes." - Louis CK

Don’t know how many of you guys saw our post on facebook earlier, but we got smashed by a deer while driving last night. Thankfully we’re all okay, and it definitely could have been much worse. We’ve been on the phone all day with insurance companies and body shops - in sum, the cost of repair is more than our van is worth. I.e. our van is now salvage. The van is our guitar players personal vehicle, so when we get home, he’s out with a van that costs more to fix than it can be sold for. Shit sandwich, for sure.

We have a Merch store with a grip of new shirts available at http://bonedance.bigcartel.com, and if you’re interested you can also pay what you want for a music download at http://bonedance.bandcamp.com.

If anyone wants to help us out at all, by picking something up or sharing this post, it’d be much appreciated. Thanks.

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